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Global Warming IS Something to Sneeze At!

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During the first week of April 2010, parts of the northeast set record high temperatures and the pollen really popped.  As I swallowed my Allegra caplet and squeezed off two shots of Nasonex into the nostrils, I thought to myself, “wow, I cannot recall having an allergic attack this early and come to think of it, I am hitting the meds earlier and earlier each year.  Sounds like this could be a good global warming blog post!”  Achoo!  God bless me.


Yes, global warming is making people suffer increased allergic reactions and asthma attacks.  This post will summarize why some people have allergies and asthma and why global warming is making these illnesses worse for them.

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Written by Scott Mandia

May 5, 2010 at 8:46 am

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