Global Warming: Man or Myth?

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I am Tired of Being Charlie Brown. Are You?

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Climate change is the single most pressing issue facing humanity as we move toward 2100.  The science is clear that humans are very likely traveling down the road toward extinction.  The US must take responsibility for much of the global warming it has caused and take the lead on real climate change legislation.  We must put a real price on carbon and bite the short-term bullet to obtain the long-term gains.  We must stop being “Americans” and start being “humans.”  We cannot afford to have climate change be a political football.  The time for real action is now.  I am tired of the “greenwashing” where politicans promise action and do nothing.

I am tired of being Charlie Brown.  Are you?

Contact your legislators and tell them how important real action is and how deadly inaction will be.

Written by Scott Mandia

July 5, 2010 at 12:00 am

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  1. I’m with you Scott – and I like that you also mentioned “greenwashing” which I’m also tired of. Short term – placing a tax on carbon, but that just stimulates change which is the long term goal. What I find most irritating is that we have the technology already to make leaps in the right direction and at the same time encourage economies.


    July 5, 2010 at 6:13 am

    • First of all I encourage everybody here to check out mothincarnate’s blog. He does a superb job over there and I just added him to my blogroll.

      Although nuclear isn’t vote-friendly we need to go that route. Nuclear power will be a wedge but not a solution because nukes are used for electricity generation which is just a part of our emissions (20% in the US I believe). However, I see no way around nuclear until we get off our fossil fuel addiction. Nuclear does buy us time and we should immediately begin constructing the newest type of plant: 4th Generation.

      These nukes can use existing nuclear waste as fuel. These reactors get about 3-4 times more power from the same amount of fuel. Waste is much less an issue.

      We should look to model California laws where incentives are given to utilities for conserving energy instead of using energy.

      We should mandate 50 mpg (real values not fake EPA values) standards on all passenger vehicles.

      Using coal is acceptable until we do so but all plants should be required to use CCS so that there are zero CO2 emissions. No grandfathering.

      Of course, as long as we keep voting for Washington business as usual people this will just be “all talk and no action”.

      Scott Mandia

      July 5, 2010 at 7:54 am

  2. Cheers Scott.
    I’m not really either side of the nuke debate, myself. Barry Brook of BraveNewClimate has convinced me that this is our best option of power generation in the coming decades. That’s why I tend to keep out of that debate.
    I think the beauty of facing our future with new ideas is about doing this differently rather than simply business-as-usual under a new guise. I here a fair amount of that – even from the nuke advocates (one telling me that if we run the world on nuclear and develop synthetic fuel, why not get a bigger SUV? – I nearly lost it).
    I also believe that for the time being oil should be used where it is needed (plastics, air craft and shipping mostly), coal should largely be preserved for steel production, and gas for even increasingly efficient hybrid vehicles and fertilisers (although I wonder if we over do this as we tend to end up polluting with this).
    The other day in a post titled, “The wheels on the bus go “cha-ching!” Pay more for even less in Adelaide!” I compared political will on the subject of change and adaptation as being like the Peoples’ Front of Judea in the Monty Python’s Life of Brian – tending to have meetings about nothing – all talk no action.
    Cheers again for the mention. 🙂


    July 5, 2010 at 6:38 pm

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