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Little Ice Age vs. Global Warming

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On Friday, September 24, 2010 I gave a public presentation on The Little Ice Age (LIA).  Click to view the presentation (PDF format).  Much of the historical information comes from my Little Ice Age in Europe Web page published quite a few years ago.

The LIA (a general cooling of the climate between the years 1150 and 1460 and a very cold climate between 1560 and 1850) brought dire consequences to its peoples. The colder weather impacted agriculture, health, economics, social strife, emigration, and even art and literature. Increased glaciation and storms also had a devastating effect on those that lived near glaciers and the sea.

So how does the climate change experienced during the LIA compare to what lies ahead?

Please view the presentation and consider the following:

  1. The climate in Western Europe was about 0.7C (1.3F) cooler than in the warmest part of the Medieval Warm Period.
  2. This apparently “slight” climate change had profound and devastating impacts on European civilization.
  3. It is expected that the global average temperature increase by the year 2100 will be 4C (7.2F).
  4. The climate change expected by 2100 is about 6 times greater than that experienced during the LIA.
  5. The causes of the LIA, if repeated today, may only put a dent in the expected warming heading our way.
  6. Although our modern technologically-driven society is better equipped to respond to climate change than our ancestors, is it reasonable to assume that such a large expected climate change will be beyond our ability to adapt resulting in biblical implications for this century?

Your opinions on the last question are welcomed.

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September 25, 2010 at 1:35 pm

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