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Climate Change: It’s the Humans

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On May 26 I offered an online presentation about human’s role in global warming to the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (Virtual Local Section).

Abstract: Warming of the climate system in the modern era is unequivocal and multiple lines of evidence point to human activity, primarily the emission of carbon dioxide, as the cause of most of this warming. The author will illustrate the evidence for planetary warming, highlight the human fingerprints of greenhouse warming, and show why many of the skeptic arguments are either false or highly misleading.

I was asked to present in response to April’s speaker, Dr. Arvid Pasto, who believes that human-caused global warming is a scam. (One can see a January 2011 presentation by Dr. Pasto here: and his April AIChE presentation here:

Dr. Pasto’s April presentation was riddled with mistakes and many of his sources were typical deniers such as: Jo Nova, Will Happer, Anthony Watts, etc. It would have been very easy to go through each slide and point out the mistakes but I chose the high road instead and focused on the science (why reinforce myths by repeating many of them?) I do correct a few of his “mistakes” toward the end of the presentation.

You can view my slideshow in .PDF format without the audio/video.  (There were some technical difficulties with the live stream that did not allow Webex to save the audio and video.  Ugh!)

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