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NSF: Climate Trash Talkers Got No Game!

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In sports, we have all seen or heard of players who before a big game talk lots of smack and then fail to deliver the goods when it counts.  In climate science there has been much trash talk by those that do not accept the overwhelming evidence that humans are now driving climate change.  Much of this trash talk has been centered around stolen email messages from the Climate Research Unit regarding the hockey stick temperature reconstruction that Drs. Mann, Bradley, and Hughes published in 1998/99.  The email hack was inappropriately dubbed by the press as Climategate.  The trash talkers use these emails (taken out of context) in an attempt to prove that there is a vast global conspiracy to fool billions of people.  Sounds crazy but even those running for President believe this absurdity.

Every investigation of the stolen emails has exonerated the scientists involved.  Now, the National Science Foundation’s Inspector General has also told the trash talkers: You Got No Game!

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Written by Scott Mandia

August 23, 2011 at 3:58 pm

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