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Long Island Climate Change Doubters: Let’s Have Coffee and Talk

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Recently, I was interviewed by a Long Island Press reporter for their cover story Heating Up: Long Island’s Global Warming VulnerabilityI highly recommend reading that comprehensive article if you are an area resident.  After the article appeared online, I noticed that there were some doubters in the comments section so I made this offer:

We are changing the climate because we are overloading the air with carbon and this carbon is very effective at trapping heat.  There are many lines of evidence that show the human fingerprint of climate change.  The evidence is so compelling that virtually every climate expert on the planet agrees humans are now dominating climate change.

We have the technologies now that are needed to put us on the path of reducing our carbon emissions.  The military, businesses, and everyday people are already taking action.  It is time that we tell our leaders to also take action.  There is still time but the window of opportunity is quickly closing.  It is urgent that we act now.

Solving the climate change problem offers tremendous economic opportunity and has the benefit of securing our national security and improving our public health.

To those that are still skeptical about human-caused climate change, I am willing to have a conversation with you over a cup of coffee.  I promise I will be friendly.  You have nothing to lose except for some time if you walk away unconvinced.

(The semester ends next week so if I do not return the call please try back in late January.)

Scott A. Mandia Professor – Physical Sciences, Asst. Chair
T-202 Smithtown Science Bldg.
Suffolk County Community College
533 College Rd. Selden, NY  11784

So far I have not been taken up on this offer but it still stands.  If you want to have a chat, please contact me.

Written by Scott Mandia

December 19, 2011 at 7:16 am

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