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Climate Science Legal Defense Fund Needs Your Help

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The Climate Science Legal Defense Fund continues to receive donations and offers of help from various stakeholders. We are actively working with several organizations in order to make CSLDF a one-stop resource for scientists looking for legal resources and we are currently pursuing several educational and legal initiatives which will be made public in the future.

In the short-term, CSLDF would greatly appreciate your financial support to help Dr. Michael Mann. Funds are needed to:

  1. Fend-off ATI’s demand to take Dr. Mann’s deposition, which is a blatant attempt to harass and intimidate him for exercising his constitutional rights by petitioning to intervene in the case.
  2. Defeat ATI’s attempt to obtain Dr. Mann’s email correspondence through the civil discovery process, which essentially is an “end-run” around the scholarly research exemption under the Virginia FOIA law.
  3. Prepare for summary judgment on the issue of the exempt status of his email correspondence under the Virginia FOIA law.

Donations can be sent to CSLDF online or by sending a check made out to PEER, with Climate Science LDF on the memo line to:

Climate Science Legal Defense Fund
c/o PEER
2000 P Street, NW #240
Washington, D.C. 20036

Through PEER, a private non-profit organization organized under Section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue code, your contribution will be tax deductible.

Written by Scott Mandia

February 28, 2012 at 6:03 am

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Medusa Institute

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Dr. Judith Curry during a recent radio interview and subsequently in one of her blog posts claimed that Heartland is a small player. She also believes that Anthony Watts and Steve McIntyre have more influence over the climate discussion than Heartland and its personnel. Look at the next picture and decide who you think has more influence over the really important people – policy makers and business leaders. (Hint: Heartland’s President agrees with me. See Dr. Curry’s post to read his chest-puffing message to her.)

Heartland Institute - A web of climate misinformation that is well-connected in DC. Click for larger image.
Heartland Institute – A web of climate misinformation and well-connected in DC.
Click for larger image.

Remember, Heartland Institute is just one player. There are many others just like them.

Medusa Institute

My other posts about Heartland and its personnel:

Written by Scott Mandia

February 27, 2012 at 6:55 am

Do Not Take Your Eyes Off Lex Luthor (Heartland Institute)

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Just as scientists view the entire body of evidence to support a conclusion, I think we should all judge an individual by the entire body of his accomplishments and not by his one regrettable mistake. Who among us has not made mistakes? By focusing on Dr. Peter Gleick’s mistake, we are not only being unfair to this man but we are taking our eye off the issue that we should all be focused on: Heartland Institute is threatening the education and future of our children!

Is this not a red cherry tree?

Is this not a red cherry tree?

Read on to see why Peter should be congratulated for his academic achievement and tireless communication efforts to benefit society and why Heartland Institute’s actions should make you angry.

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Written by Scott Mandia

February 23, 2012 at 11:56 am

Heartland Serves Threatening Letters, Climate Science Legal Defense Fund & PEER Hit Back

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Heartland Institute Got Caught With Their Pants Down

Heartland Institute Got Caught With Their Pants Down

As blogged by me and many, many others, Heartland Institute got caught with their pants down when internal documents revealed what we have known for a long time: they are undermining the education of our children.

Read on for a surprising new development….

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Heartland Institute: Hey Kids, Have a Smoke and Denial

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As has been widely reported in mainstream media and the blogosphere, a person calling himself “Heartland Insider” leaked internal documents that apparently show that Heartland Institute, a libertarian think tank, has engaged in an anti-climate science campaign targeted at the adult general public but also toward undermining the science education being provided to our K-12 school children.  Although many of us have known for a long time what Heartland has been up to, these documents are still quite a smoking gun.

This blog post will present you with a way to voice your concern about Denialgate.

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Written by Scott Mandia

February 16, 2012 at 11:37 am

Anthony Watts’ Minions Attack Mike Mann and Make Mockery of Amazon Review Process

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Sigh. I knew it was going to happen eventually. It is a shame that the science deniers are much better organized than the rational people. As of 8 AM this morning, Dr. Michael E. Mann’s latest book The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines had 15 reviews, all of which were 5 stars. My review (posted below) had 58 out of 59 votes for being helpful.

Enter climate science denier Anthony Watts whose blog has never missed an opportunity to smear a climate scientist.  This morning, Watts posted about Mike Mann’s new book and within hours the Amazon reviews turned ugly. Of course, Watts tells his readers “While I realize that many people don’t want to buy this book, please don’t pull a Peter Gleick and do reviews apparently in absentia.” referring to his false claim that National Academy of Sciences member Dr. Peter Gleick posted a 1 star review of Donna Laframboise’s book without reading it. I also read that book and it deserved the 1 star.  Watts has a history of doing this.

As of 7 PM EST tonight there are now eleven 1 star reviews and all of the 5 star reviews are being sabotaged by vote downs and negative comments. My detailed review is suddenly not helpful – only favored by 87/172 people.  The top 1 star review is highlighted below:

1 Star Reviewer Shows His Lack of Understanding of Basics

1 Star Reviewer Shows His Lack of Understanding of Basics

Wow!  This reviewer packs quite a few climate myths into the first paragraph.  Can you say Dunning-Kruger?  The debunking of these myths can be found by visiting Skeptical Science’s Arguments page and clicking on #71, #6, and #12.

These bad reviews and vote downs are an obvious hit job on Dr. Mann’s book by Anthony Watts’ anti-science minions. Sadly, the persecution of Mann continues and that is why people need to read this book. After reading one will see that this childish attack on the Amazon review system is just the tip of the iceberg for those who find scientific facts to be inconvenient.

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Written by Scott Mandia

February 8, 2012 at 7:53 pm

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