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375 World’s Top Scientists: Trump is Dangerous

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On September 20, 2016, 375 members of the National Academy of Sciences, including 30 Nobel laureates, published an open letter to draw attention to the serious risks of climate change. The letter warns that the consequences of opting out of the Paris agreement would be severe and long-lasting for our planet’s climate and for the international credibility of the United States.

The problem of human-caused climate change is real, serious, and immediate, and that this problem poses significant risks: to our ability to thrive and build a better future, to national security, to human health and food production, and to the interconnected web of living systems.

The letter also calls out Trump:

The political system also has tipping points. Thus it is of great concern that the Republican nominee for President has advocated U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Accord. A “Parexit” would send a clear signal to the rest of the world: “The United States does not care about the global problem of human-caused climate change. You are on your own.” Such a decision would make it far more difficult to develop effective global strategies for mitigating and adapting to climate change. The consequences of opting out of the global community would be severe and long-lasting – for our planet’s climate and for the international credibility of the United States.

It is important that the public understands that it is not just our scientific experts who accept human-caused climate change and the associated risks. Military experts, health officials, and major insurance companies also agree. One would certainly not consider these groups as liberal. They are data-driven groups and the data is overwhelming.

Most people who claim that the world is not warming or that it is not due to humans or that it will not be bad are subconsciously worried about the proposed solutions (I write about this here) so they advocate doing nothing. Delay works against their own self-interest because delay means it is more likely things will get bad enough that Big Brother will have to step in and impose increased taxes and regulations. If we act sooner than later then WE make the choices and the free market can provide the solutions.

So consider the importance of climate change (it affects EVERYTHING) when you decide whom to vote for. Trump is advocating digging up more and more coal, oil, and gas which endangers our national security, economy, and health. Why would you vote for a more dangerous world? I understand the reluctance of my Republican friends to vote for Clinton, but a vote for Trump is a vote against the future of humanity. Maybe just stay home November 8th…..


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September 20, 2016 at 9:17 am

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