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Climate Change: What Does It Mean for New York?

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Free public presentation Friday April 27

Rising Sea Levels and Storm Surges Threaten NY City (Credit: Open Space Institute)

Rising Sea Levels and Storm Surges Threaten NY City (Credit: Open Space Institute)

Suffolk County Community College, Ammerman Campus,

Earth & Space Sciences Spring Lecture Series 2012


Human activities, especially emissions of heat-trapping carbon dioxide gas, are causing the climate to rapidly warm. Join Scott Mandia as he shows how New York is already being impacted by global warming and what the expected further warming means for residents of our home state. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of the choices we can make now to minimize future impacts.

Topics to be discussed:

  1. Evidence that the global climate is warming
  2. Evidence that humans are causing this warming
  3. The impact of this warming on New Yorkers
  4. Solutions to the problem than can also save you $$$

The talk is open to the general public but seating is limited (about 125 seats) so arrive early.

By:                          Scott Mandia, Professor of Meteorology
Date:                     Friday, April 27
Time:                     7-8 PM
Location:               Smithtown T-109 Lecture Hall (Map of campus – Bldg. D)

Teachers who attend will be able to collect a Letter of Attendance for use as in-service credit. For further information contact: or

P.S. ALSO MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR TUESDAY MAY 8. Dr. Michael E. Mann, internationally recognized climate scientist, Nobel Peace Prize winner, and best-selling author will be speaking at Suffolk County Community College. Details will follow in a future post.

Update 04/28/12: Here is the link to the PDF slide show presentation.

Update 04/29/12: Thank you to Gennady Dekhtyar for the videos. The slides appear nicely but I come in and out of the frame.


Written by Scott Mandia

April 23, 2012 at 5:53 am

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