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Appearing below is a link to contact your elected officials along with a list of various important media contacts.  I have placed mailto links that will make it easy to send letters to several contacts at once with a single click.  All of these email addresses are publicly available at their respective media outlets.  Please use this page to send letters.  Your voice needs to be heard.

Senators and Representatives:

Print Media:

John Hillkirk, USA Today –

Alan Murray, Wall Street Journal –

Bill Keller, NY Times –

Russ Stanton, LA Times –

Marcus W. Brauchli, Washington Post –,

        Reporters: Rosalind Helderman – E-mail form, Juliet Eilperin- & David Fahrenthold –

Gerould W. Kern, Chicago Tribune –

Martin Dunn, Daily News (NY) –

William K. Marimow, Philadelphia Enquirer –

Jeff Cohen, Houston Chronicle –

Col Allan, New York Post –

E-mail all above (Except NY Times)

Jonathan Wolman, The Detroit News –

Robert W. Mong, Jr, Dallas Morning News –

Nancy Barnes, Minneapolis Star Tribune –

Peter S. Canellos, Boston Globe –

Kevin Whitmer, Star-Ledger (NJ) –

Julia Wallace, Atlanta Journal-Constitution –

Carroll, Nicole, Arizona Republic –

Debby Krenek, Newsday (NY) –

Stephen Proctor, SF Chronicle –

Susan Goldberg,Cleveland Plain Dealer –

E-mail all above



Associated Press Headquarters –

Reuters Washington Bureau (Headquarters) –



Newsweek –

Time –

U.S. News & World Report –

Editorial Board Editor Mortimer Zuckerman –

E-mail all above




DC Bureau Chief Robin Sproul –

World News Tonight –

Executive Producer Paul Friedman –

Nightline –

Executive Producer Tom Bettag –

20/20 –

Good Morning America –

E-mail all above (Except World News Tonight)

CBS Evening News –

60 Minutes –

CNN Headquarters –

Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer –

Executive Producer Sam Feist –

Reliable Sources –

Anchors Howard Kurtz –

Meet the Press –

Nightly News –

Executive Producer David Corvo –

Today Show –

Executive Producer Jeff Zucker –

E-mail all above (Except Wolf Blitzer & Meet the Press)

Dateline NBC –


Hardball w Chris Matthews –

Rachel Maddow Show –

Countdown with Keith Olbermann  –

CNBC World –

FOX News Watch –

E-mail all above


Public Broadcasting :

National Public Radio –

Diane Rehm Show –

On The Media –

News Hour with Jim Lehrer –

E-mail all above

Written by Scott Mandia

September 28, 2010 at 8:53 pm

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