Global Warming: Man or Myth?

Scientists can also wear their citizen hats

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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There are many resources available to learn about climate change and modern day global warming.  I list quite a few good ones on my Suggested Reading on Climate Change Web page.  Most of these resources do require ample reading time which, in today’s fast-paced world, may not be what some skeptics are looking for.  The best way to get a message across is by using images with minimal text.  The links below provide three such examples.  These files are .PDF files that have been converted from PowerPoint presentations.

Climate Change: What is the Role of Humans?

Designed to bring awareness about climate change for Earth Day (April 22, 2010), this presentation features images from my Global Warming: Man or Myth? Website  and also from Climate Change: What Does It Mean for Our World? by Katharine Hayhoe, Research Professor at Texas Tech University. This presentation is currently being displayed in the lobby of Suffolk County Community College’s (Ammerman Campus) Smithtown Sciences Building in Selden, NY.

Global Warming: Separating Fact from Fiction

A public presentation from November 2009 that explains many of the most popular falsehoods and misleading statements that attempt to show that there is no AGW. The vast gulf between what scientists are saying and what Americans are hearing is primarily a result of the oil-funded front groups, lobby efforts, and political ideology.

Global Warming: Man or Myth? 

A public presentation from March 2009 that shows how climate is changing and why the modern day global warming is being driven by humans and not nature. This presentation led to the creation of Global Warming: Man or Myth? Website!

What can you do?

Please feel free to download and keep these files and to show them or post the links wherever you think they can be useful. 

I would appreciate you (in your comments) posting other good links to resources that are visual so that this blog post can become a repository of sites that prove “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”.  If I can get enough good links, I will make a page with a listing and add to my Website.

I will start by listing a few below:

  1. Climate Change: What Does It Mean for Our World? by Katharine Hayhoe, Research Professor at Texas Tech University
  2. Mind the Gap by Kate, a Canadian high school student and blogger who aspires to be a climate scientist
  3. Climate Change: The Full Picture  by John Cook at Skeptical Science
  4. A Scientific Guide to The Skeptic’s Handbook by John Cook at Skeptical Science
  5. Climate Change: Making Up Your Mind by The Climate Institute

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April 25, 2010 at 6:20 pm

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